If you have a different type of vehicle, just let us know and our team can handle the installation and provide you customized packages

Passenger Vehicles

Personal Cars, SUV, sedan and Jeeps. Toyota Corolla, Altis, Vitz, Honda Civic, City, Accord, Suzuki Mehran, Alto, Cultus, WagonR, APV, Every wagon, Nissan, Diahatsu and others

Cargo Trucks

Large trucks like mazda and hino used for cargo and goods transport business by logistic companies having 4-wheeler, 10-wheeler, 22-wheeler trucks, lorry, dumpers and many more

Container Trucks

All types of container trucks and lorries used to carry goods from Sea port shipments and Airport cargo by departments of large logistics companies from public and private sector

Agricultural Vehicles

Tractor, trolly, harvester, sheller, cultivator, plough, plower, roller, seed planter, driller, sprinkler system, grain cart, cotton picker and many other machinery used in agriculture

Construction Vehicles

Crane, bulldozer, cement mixer, dumpers, Loaders, Scraper, Excavators, Pavers, Boring Machine and other heavy equipments used in building and construction industry

Special Vehicles

Electric wheelchairs, special vehicles for disable persons, heavy lifters, kids electric car toys, scooty, dirt bikes and many other types of special vehicle trackers


Live tracking means you can view the exact current location of your vehicle on maps by login into our system from a computer or mobile phone.

You have to only pay the package price mentioned under each package name. For example if you choose Gold package then you have to pay Rs. 20,000 for the first time in which you will get full one year of our services.

It includes tracking device, installation charges and first year’s service charges. It means no other charges or any hidden charges for One complete year.

You have to only pay the annual charges of respective selected package. For example if you choose Gold package then you have to pay Rs. 20,000 for the first time in which you will get full one year of our services.

After the first years ends you only have to pay the annual charges of selected package like in this case gold package annual charges are Rs. 10,000 only.

Yes, you can make your own custom package.

Tell us your requirements and quantity then we will give you our customized proposal.

Yes, you can upgrade your package to a higher package by paying the difference of your current package and desired package.

You can upgrade your package during anytime of your contract.

Note: Upgrading to a higher package needs new device installation in your vehicle but don’t worry charges of such installation will be paid by the company.

No, nobody can use your account without your login information.

On purchasing any of our package you will be provided a username and a password for login into our system.

We strongly recommend that you should not share your login information with anyone due to security reasons.